New school in an old industry building


Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain

Area: 5.820 m²



Tuomo Jauhiainen


Jose-Lluis de la Fuente, Lluís Avellan, Martí Rigola, Mireia Esmatges, Marcel Folch, Agata Cano


13-Weeks Educational Architecture, ORDEIC Enginyeria i Consultoria, NOLAC Enginyers

Terrassa is a city on the outskirts of Barcelona with a strong industrial history. Our client owned an empty industrial building located in the city center, where the industrial sector had undergone renovations for new purposes over the past few decades.

The task was to renovate a 1960s industrial building and convert it into a school for primary and upper secondary studies. The building's substantial depth, more than 30 meters, allowed for the creation of corridors that could serve as multipurpose spaces, extending the usability of the classrooms.

Due to the limited site space, sports facilities were situated on the building's rooftop, while the new cafeteria and auditorium were located in the basement.

Unfortunately, the project was never executed.

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