Reformation of an industrial building to a school

Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain

Tuomo Jauhiainen, Jose-Lluis de la Fuente, Mireia Esmatges

Interior designer
Lluís Avellan

Martí Rigola, 13-Weeks Educational Architecture

The project is a reform of an existing industrial building, for the implantation of a school. Currently, the building under the project is an industrial building that has not been used for years, located in an industrial location near the center of the city. The owner., Wants to allocate the building for educational use and implement a school. The school that is to be implemented hosts all educational cycles: childhood education, primary education, secondary education and high school. The solution adopted to the project, within its limited scope, has as an objective that the building has the adequate provision to guarantee the basic quality requirements established by the school norms.The building has a total gross floor area of 5.000 m².