Architectural competition for a science museum building


Oulu, Finland

Area: 5.820 m²



Tuomo Jauhiainen

The proposal comprises three rectangular structures that, in conjunction with the existing power plant, form a diverse and dynamic architectural ensemble. The water tower retains its essential urban role as a historic landmark within the old industrial landscape. These structures align with the existing master plan axes, contributing to the current urban layout and improving traffic routes.

The new museum complex is intentionally designed without a singular facade, ensuring its appeal and welcoming nature from all directions. The two-story facades incorporate a structural steel frame and house building systems outside the exhibition spaces, affording precise control over acoustics and climate while providing flexibility for diverse installations. Furthermore, the double facades allow the building to illuminate like a lantern at night, creating a captivating architectural spectacle.

The choice of materials in the new building aims to maintain a modern continuity with the brick walls of the factory area. The facades are embellished with brick-red ceramic bars, concealing either transparent or closed glass facades depending on orientation. In contrast, the entrance hall walls are adorned with white glazed ceramic bars, deliberately creating a contrast with the exterior architecture. This design guides visitors through a sequence of spaces, transitioning from the materials of the old industrial environment to the light and neutral entrance hall, and finally to the exhibition spaces.

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